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A higher perspective by Paul Duvall

Our drone cinematography and still photography is all about offering you ‘a higher perspective’. Whether it’s for TV, film, commercial, personal, entertainment or any other reason, we’ve got you covered. Our equipment is top of the range – we use high end DJI products including the Inspire 2 X5S, (with the ability to shoot in 5.2K apple pro res and raw cinemadng) hand held gimbals and full frame DSLR cameras that produce clear cinematic 4K footage and print ready high resolution stills. Our commitment to excellence is backed up by CAA accredited pilots licensing and full insurances in compliance with EU Regulation (EC) No 785/2004. We take health and safety very seriously, we implement these procedures diligently upon any project we undertake.

Paul’s Bio

Hi! I’m Paul Duvall. I live right on the doorstep of the beautiful South
Downs in Sussex, just a stone’s throw from the coast.

Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated with wild
places. As a young lad, my dad would always take me out into the woods or across the downs and impart on me his never ending knowledge of the natural world, teaching me the importance of protecting and cherishing it.

My journey into filming and photography began with Landscapes. I am a
published, award winning, professional landscape photographer. I see incredible beauty in nature, I am connected to it, and I do my best to perform this in my imagery. I want my viewers to feel the majesty, energy and mysticism I feel when I’m shooting on location.

Over the last 18 months I have found a new love, aerial film making!! I
have found an extension to my creativity that still photography cannot
match. It is because of this that “A higher perspective Ltd” was born.
My passion is infectious and my aim is simply to share this energy with my audience. I’m also a bit of a cheeky chappie so your guaranteed a laugh along the way!

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